Learn how to recognize, feel, process and release negativity and promote healthy emotions throughout your day.
Today's fast paced world is not a good friend to our brains. If you are easily distracted or can't seem to focus, this video is for you! If you are looking for the lifting of brain fog, you've come to the right place.
Going gray. 👩‍🦳 This is something that every woman blessed enough to age will face 🍀. . .some more gracefully than others LOL! There is a growing "love your gray" movement and a search for the roots no pun intended...pun intended 😉 as to why we lose hair pigment as we age. If you would like information on avoiding gray hair and, maybe, even reversing it, this video is for you. 
Discover your true identity with Teri Secrest.  
Do you keep waking up all night long? May you struggle with getting to sleep. That is what this video is for. Join me in the pink bedroom so we can talk sleep! 
Would you be shocked to learn that the average woman in America uses over 300 chemicals every single day in her home? Get my recipes for homemade cleaners here: https://Teri.marketingscents.com/cp/3...
If you are going to meet your destiny and reach your full potential, there are times in life when you are going to need to leave the crowd behind! 
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