"Changing The Way The World Thinks About Healthcare"
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Essential Oils: God's Extravagant Provision for Your Health
Have you ever wondered why the wise men brought frankincense and myrrh for the baby Jesus?

Share the mystery, the romance, and the ageless intrigue of essential oils. Experience the Father’s love as He continually lavishes His children with exquisite oils and feel this rich, biblical history come alive in your spirit. Teri wants you to see how miraculous your body is and how it’s designed to heal itself when given proper nourishment and support.

“Teri Secrest has been a favored guest on our television program, Everlasting Love, and has also spoken at our ministry’s yearly conference. She keeps her audience captivated and her motivating presentation ignites the hearts of many.”
Patricia King
Host of Everlasting Love, God TV
"...Most fun loving person I have ever met...shares the wisdom of health and wealth in a way that everyone enjoys her presentation."
Joan Hunter
Founder, Joan Hunter Ministries
"...worth her weight in gold...her principles for business and marketing success propel entrepreneurs to new heights!"
Wendy K. Walters
Branding and Publishing Expert
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