Teri Secrest is a Natural Health Educator with 25 years of practical experience, including authorship of two exciting books: Eating Out of Heaven's Garden and Vibrant Living. As CEO of the Essential Oils Healthline, Teri heads a research and educational team whose mission is to change the way the world thinks about healthcare.

Some of Teri's international personal mentors include Dr. Daniel Penuel and Dr. John Claud LaPraz (France), and Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Gary Young (USA). Teri is a Certified National Wellness Coach with a passion to educate and empower families to stay healthy naturally in an unhealthy world.

Teri Secrest is ordained under Dunamis Ministries and in great demand as a seminar speaker and media guest. Teri will inspire and educate your audience to take positive, practical action in their lives to realize optimal, vibrant health. What sets Teri apart from her contemporaries is her passion and how she integrates emotional and spiritual wellness into total body health.

To engage Teri as a Speaker for your Event, email her at contact@terisecrest.com or call her office: 877-571-7137

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